SR-22 Filing & Insurance

What is an SR-22?  An SR-22 is a filing submitted to the DMV that shows proof of insurance.  It is also know as a Certificate of Financial Responsibility. The “SR” in the name stands for “safety responsibility”.

When is SR-22 Insurance Required?

A driver must obtain an SR-22 certificate only when the court requires it or the SR-22 is required by the State of California due to a major driving violation(s). Some examples of when a driver needs to obtain an SR-22 are:  DUI conviction; three (3) tickets or points on your driving record within one (1) year; reckless driving or being involved in an accident with no insurance whether at fault or not.

Any of the above driving violations can result in your license being suspended. It is possible to get a restricted license with obtaining an SR-22 and insurance and have it filed with the DMV. Check your local DMV to see if you are eligible for a restricted license. A restricted license will allow a driver to legally drive to and from work or school, as well as certain other destinations like traffic school.

How do I get SR-22 Insurance?

At All County Insurance Services, Inc. we can provide affordable California SR-22 insurance policies. We will file the SR-22 Certificate with the DMV electronically and also provide you with a same-day copy for your records. You can get a free quote by filling out the above information quote forms. One of our representatives will contact you within a few minutes upon submission. Make sure you inform the agent that you need an SR-22 filing or Certificate of Financial Responsibility.

Fill out our online quote form today. You may also speak immediately to one of our representatives and request a quote over the phone at toll free (877) 436-7777.

If you already have insurance with All County Insurances Services, Inc. but you need to obtain an SR-22 filing, please contact our customer service department at (877) 436-7777. One of our specialists will be happy to review your policy and help you obtain the SR-22 insurance so you can get back on the road.

Do I need to have an automobile to obtain an SR-22 Certificate?

No, a car is not necessary. If you own a motorcycle, you may obtain an SR-22 filing on a motorcycle insurance policy. If you don’t own any vehicle, you can purchase a ‘non-owners’ policy with an SR-22 filing to keep your license valid.

How long do I need to have an SR-22?

An SR-22 filing is required for up to three years in California unless deemed otherwise by the court or the DMV. You need to have continuous coverage on the SR-22 for those three years. If your policy gets canceled at any time during the 3 years, your license will be suspended and you may lose your driving privileges again. The best way to keep this from happening is to pay your insurance premium in full or set up automatic payments from your checking or credit/debit card account.

*To get the official rules on SR-22 filings and certificates, please contact the DMV.