San Francisco Brush Hazard Insurance

Have you been told that you have a high-risk home? Did a past insurance company deny you coverage due to a brush hazard? You are not alone! There are many homes in the San Francisco area that are considered riskier to insure, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve good coverage at a good price. All County Insurance is your best bet to securing a great policy, no matter where you live. Brush hazards, or living in areas that are prone to wildfires, shouldn’t keep you up at night, worried about the safety of your home or family. We’re the leading home fire insurance company in San Francisco and can help you shop for insurance online, and compare rates and policies, so you can rest well at night knowing you’re covered.

Thanks to the increasing risk of wildfires in California, many insurance providers have been denying coverage to people like you more and more often. “Brush hazard” is simply the term used to label a home or property that has unmanaged vegetation in close proximity. This often refers to piles of leaves, trees, bushes, grasses, or stacks of firewood or lumber. An insurance company will come to your home and look at the types of vegetation around your home, as well as the materials your home is made from, and determine the type of coverage they’re willing to offer, if any. Plenty of people in the bay area have been turned away from good insurance due to brush hazard. If that’s you, don’t worry—All County Insurance, the #1 home fire insurance company in San Francisco, will fight to get you a great policy at a great rate within our network of 40+ of California’s best insurance companies.

For homeowners who reside in areas with higher brush hazard, trust All County Insurance, the top home fire insurance company in San Francisco, offering high risk coverage to all residents. We have worked in the California insurance industry for many years, and we know the programs that are available to assist you in obtaining coverage, including the FAIR plan. Start shopping for your brush hazard insurance online today! Fill out our online form or give us a call at 877-436-7777 to learn more!