Riverside Fire Brush Hazard Insurance

Many Riverside homeowners have been told that they are “high risk” when it comes to their insurance, and if that’s something you’ve heard before, you’re in the right place. Being labeled as high risk due to brush hazards can make it much harder to secure good insurance coverage for your home or property, but the team here at All County Insurance is here to help. Just because you may be slightly riskier to insure, that doesn’t mean that you and your family should go unprotected or have to settle for mediocre, overpriced coverage. If you live in an area that is prone to wildfires, come to us and let us compare rates and policies for you in our online homeowners insurance marketplace for Riverside residents. With over 40 of California’s best insurance companies in our network, you can trust us to get you good coverage that you can afford.

Unfortunately, brush fires and wildfires are only becoming more common, and this is something that insurance companies are always keeping their eye on. Especially in areas like Riverside, having brush hazards around your home can make it challenging to insure. Simply put, brush hazard is a term to describe any unmanaged vegetation on your property, typically within a certain proximity to your home or other structures. This can be trees, leaves, bushes, grasses, or stacks of firewood. Sometimes insurance companies will also consider the materials of your home, such as wooden shingles, when deciding whether to extend coverage. Many people have been denied homeowners insurance in Riverside due to brush hazards, and if that’s you, All County Insurance is in your corner.

No matter where you live, you deserve to have great coverage that you can count on. For high-risk, fire, and brush hazard cases in Riverside, we know that there are still good options out there, including programs like the FAIR plan and other California insurance programs, to secure a good policy.

Shop for your homeowners insurance policy for your Riverside property online today! Start by filling out our online form or giving us a call at 877-436-7777. We look forward to serving you!