High-Risk Home Insurance in Los Angeles

Finding good insurance for your home can be harder than you might think, thanks to many unique factors, including high risks in the region. If you have run into trouble shopping for a high risk home insurance company in Los Angeles, we’re glad that you’re here. At All County Insurance, we compare rates and policies from over 40 providers in California, to get you the best possible coverage, even if your residence is considered “high risk.” No matter where you live, you deserve to have peace of mind, knowing your property is covered, and our agents are here to help.

There are many homes in the Los Angeles area that are in higher risk categories for insurance coverage, and there are several things that contribute to this category rating. Homes that have one or more of the following are typically harder to insure:

  • In an area that sees extreme weather like wildfires, hurricanes, etc.
  • In a high crime neighborhood
  • Only have partial residency/considered vacation homes
  • Have multiple past insurance claims on the property

Some insurance carriers will deny coverage to homeowners in any of these categories, while others may request upgrades, such as security systems, before offering a policy. Thankfully, with our wide network of 40+ carriers, you’re much more likely to find a company willing to offer high-risk home insurance in Los Angeles. With our help, you can browse coverage options and choose one that makes sense for you, even if you’ve been turned down by other providers or you’re dealing with claim issues. Here in California, we have the Fair Access to Insurance Requirements (FAIR) plan, which we leverage, to get you the insurance policy that you deserve.

Ready to finally find good Los Angeles high-risk home insurance for your property? Contact our local company at All County Insurance Services to get your quotes today!