Los Angeles Brush Hazard & Fire Insurance

Los Angeles can be a wonderful place to live, but it does come with risks. Many homes are directly situated in high-fire-risk areas, surrounded by brush hazards. Because of the growing concern over wildfires and home damage, these properties can be very difficult to insure. Thousands of homes and businesses are under threat every year from fires, and while the need for fire insurance in Los Angeles is only expected to increase, it’s becoming harder to find good coverage. If you are struggling to find a decent fire insurance policy in Los Angeles for your home with brush hazards, we are glad you’re here. All County Insurance is proud to do the work for you, comparing rates from 40+ carriers in California, to get you the coverage you deserve.

In order to preserve the value of your home, your belongings, and most importantly, your peace of mind, it’s important to find the best brush hazard home insurance company in Los Angeles. Whether you currently occupy a luxurious hilltop estate, or a modest cottage, you need to make sure your policy covers wildfire damage. When assessing a property, a brush fire insurance provider will look at the amount of unmanaged vegetation near your home, including bushes, grasses, trees, and piles of wood or leaves. If you have these things within a certain proximity to your home, it increases your risk category and the likelihood of being denied coverage.

This Los Angeles “brush hazard” insurance liability can make it harder to find coverage, but it’s not impossible! Thanks to the Fair Access to Insurance Requirements (FAIR) plan, and our wide network of over 40 carriers, you can finally rest well knowing your home will be protected. Ready to get started? Reach out on our website, or call us at 877-436-7777, to get your quotes