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    motorcycle vs scooter vs moped

    Motorcycle vs. Scooter (Moped) Insurance: What’s the Difference?

    There are many types of vehicles on America’s roadways. Some of these vehicles are very similar, yet have important differences from an insurance perspective. Millions of people across the country rely on scooters, mopeds, and motorcycles for transportation and recreation. Their differences, however, help determine what, if any, insurance coverage […]

    Caveman Insurance Bad. All County Insurance Good.

    One of our many reviews that we’ve received was by Matt T. and was brought to my attention again through a friend on Yelp. Matt T. explains that he got a great deal through us at All County Insurance and that he got a much better deal than he would […]

    All County Insurance Tips: Can a Dash Cam Help Me?

    Our nation’s roads are filled with hazards. Inattentive drivers, distractions from mobile devices, road construction, and aggressive driving can make travel on our highways and byways perilous. Many drivers are investing in dashboard cameras, commonly referred to as “dash cams”. Type the phrase “dash cam” into the search box on […]

    How to Avoid Trailer Sway – All County Insurance Tips

    1. Not enough tongue weight–10 to 12 percent of the trailers weight must be on the tongue (where it hitches to your vehicle). This is the most common cause for trailer sway. You can weigh your trailer by taking it to a commercial scale (at truck stops). For example, if the […]

    Bad Economy, More Life Insurance.

    June 2010 H&L Newsletter Call us today at 877-858-5480  In This Issue:BAD ECONOMY, MORE LIFE INSURANCE Whole Life Insurance Chicken Divan All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on. Henry Ellis BAD ECONOMY, MORE LIFE INSURANCE During a recession, conventional wisdom tells […]

    Keep Your Family and Home Safe with the Disaster Planning App

    These days, we rely on our iPhone to keep us from getting lost, find us the best shopping deals and check in online with our social network. The new Know Your Plan app – listed as “Your Plan” in iTunes – gives you the mobile power and organization to help keep your […]

    10 Tips to Control and Prevent Bed Bugs

    1. Make sure you really have bed bugs, not fleas, ticks or other insects. You can compare your insect to the pictures on our Identifying bed bugs Web page or show it to your local extension agent. (Extension agents are trained in pest control issues and know your local area.) 2. Don’t panic! […]

    May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

    Motorcycles are vehicles with the same rights and privileges as any other motor vehicle on the roadway. And Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month is a national initiative aimed at getting motorists and motorcyclists to “share the road” with each other. To help raise awareness, All County Insurance wants to provide some […]

    Top 5 Motorcycle Events in So Cal for Month of May

    Motorcycle Events 2014 5/17/2014 12th Annual May Ride Benefit – Charity San Marcos California 5/25/2014 So-Cal/Long Beach Motorcycle Swap Meet – May Swap Meet Long Beach California 5/26/2014 West Coast Thunder XV Anniversary Benefit – Charity Riverside California 5/31/2014 The Discover Tehachapi “Ride for Life” Poker Run 2014 Benefit – […]

    HGTV Presents 14 Easy Gardening Tips for Spring

    1. To remove the salt deposits that form on clay pots, combine equal parts white vinegar, rubbing alcohol and water in a spray bottle. Apply the mixture to the pot and scrub with a plastic brush. Let the pot dry before you plant anything in it. 2. To prevent accumulating dirt under […]