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    how wildfires have increased home insurance costs

    How California Wildfires Have Impacted Home Insurance Rates

    California’s wildfire season in 2018 set many records, with thousands of individual fires costing billions in property damage and more billions in firefighting costs. The fires raged so terribly in the north part of the state that a national disaster was declared. Wildfires have long been a part of California’s […]

    Homeowners Policies: Cost, Coverage Options And More

    Our homes represent some of, if not the largest, investments we will make in our lifetimes. Homeowners insurance is designed to protect our investments, providing coverages for financial losses arising from certain disasters, property damage, and liability issues. Most people understand that homeowners insurance is an important part of home […]

    Insurance Tips on Summer Camping with Fire

    Picnics, camping and grilling out all add to the fun of summer. However, these activities may involve a risk of injury due to fire. Learn what fire safety tips you can follow to help everyone stay safe. How to Pick Your Spot DO NOT build a fire at a site […]