What Should You Do After a Motorcycle Accident?

As if getting in a motorcycle accident isn’t traumatic enough there are some steps you’ll need to take in order to ensure your safety and that any damages, physical, financially or otherwise can be taken care of correctly. The 1st step and most important step is to seek medical attention […]

Important Summer 2012 Pool Information

Pool Safety Tip #1: As summer gets into full swing, it’s a good time to remember to practice pool safety! The number one rule – never leave children unsupervised near a pool or any other body of water. Pool Safety Tip #2: Don’t rely on swimming classes, life preservers, floaties […]

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Revs Up for 2012!

Sturgis Black Hills Rally in South Dakota is set to start today for it’s 72nd annual motorcycle rally.  For as long as this Rally has been in place is still looks as if it’s gaining momentum rather than slowing down. The expected large outcome of bikers, bands, and vendors will […]

Safety 101: Floods and Electrical Shock

looding can pose many serious threats to you and your family. Among those threats is the risk of injury due to electrical shock. Follow these electrical safety tips to stay safe if flooding occurs in or around your home. Tip 1: Avoid your basement and any rooms where water covers […]

Insurance Tips on Summer Camping with Fire

Picnics, camping and grilling out all add to the fun of summer. However, these activities may involve a risk of injury due to fire. Learn what fire safety tips you can follow to help everyone stay safe. How to Pick Your Spot DO NOT build a fire at a site […]

Phones are a Danger to Everyone on the Road

Using a cell phone while driving can cause a form of tunnel vision that slows reaction time by 20 percent. Using a cell phone can also put you in harms way of the law: Some states only allow talking on cell phones while driving with a hands-free device. What’s the […]

Insurance Driving Tips: Pothole Safety

Where’s the worst pothole on your morning or evening commute? Pothole Tip #1: Until it can be filled in, note the pothole’s location so you can avoid it and also report it your municipality. Pothole Tip #2: Proper tire inflation is key for most road safety, surviving potholes included. Pothole […]

Insurance Tips: Purchasing a Used Car

When searching for a used vehicle, a little research and preparation can go a long way. Watch for five tips on buying a used car or truck. 1st tip: Safety first! Visit safercar.gov to compare vehicle crash test and safety ratings side-by-side. 2nd tip: Research, research, research! There are several […]

The Most Dangerous Cars on the Road in 2012

The following cars have been deemed as the most dangerous cars to operate on the road in 2012. The title of most dangerous car has been placed on these specific vehicles for several different reasons and been evaluated by experts. Four different criteria has been used in order to rightfully […]