5 Interesting Athlete Body Parts Insured

Do you need insurance on your car, home, or motorcycle? Most people do but super star athletes are insuring something a little more interesting… like the body parts that are (to them) the biggest assets they own. Check out the top 5 interesting insured body parts.1. David Beckham (Soccer) – […]

Helmet Use Down = Motorcycle Accidents Up

Mandatory helmet use has been an issue for a long time and for riders of bicycles, skateboards, and motorcycles alike. The mandatory helmet use for motorcyclists is the most controversial issue of them all due to motorcycles being used at the highest speed of the 3. Some states have lost […]

CA Senator Proposes Alcohol Bill To Extend Last Call from 2 AM to 4 AM

Great news could be coming to those that love night life and party at the ungodliest of hours. If you’re a nocturnal party animal you’ll be familiar with the term “last call for alcohol”. The last call for alcohol in California is currently 2 AM and in the newly proposed […]

Bud Weiser or Bud Water? Big Lawsuit says Bud Water

Have you had a Budweiser beer lately? How did the beer taste? Was it rich with flavor or did it seem a little ‘mild’? Did you get buzzed enough? Did you get buzzed at all? If you’ve recently had a Budweiser and felt like it was too mild and didn’t […]

Trends of Motorcycle Insurance for 2013

The motorcycle industry happens to be one such industry that has seen quite a few notable trends emerge in the recent years. Of late the number of households that own motorcycles have definitely increased. So have the number of women riding motorcycles as well as the number of younger motorcycle […]

It’s that time again for Auto Show Season!

It’s cold outside and that means a lot of motorcycles are shacked up in the garage and the tops on your convertibles are up but it also means it’s the season for auto shows. It’s winter! It’s a great time to check out some of the latest and greatest that […]

Small Engine Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a very dangerous and sometimes fatal issue that occurs if one does not take the proper precautions when working with small gasoline powered engines. Whether working in a confined space or an open and airy building the consequences can turn out the same. There are several […]

Tire Safety 101 for the New Year

It’s the New Year and many are setting resolutions; many are going to try and lose weight, eat better, or make more money but what about taking better care of your vehicle? A lot of people disregard small things that their car needs that can cause big problems! Tires need […]

A few Winter Driving Tips for 2013

Winter is here and so is the harsh weather that comes with it. It’s been awfully cold here in California and depending where you are you’ve already experienced inches of snow, fierce winds, and/or rain. Below are a few tips for driving during this 2013 winter season. 1. When driving […]

Holiday Safety – Decoration Tip Do’s and Don’ts

It’s that time of year again to get out all your holiday decorations and create a festive wonderland with them. It’s a great time to show your creative side while displaying the holiday spirit and while it’s mostly fun, you do have to follow some simple safety guidelines so that […]