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    Consider This Electric Motorcycle as a Great Option for 2019

    new electric motorcycle

    Electric vehicles have taken the world by storm. Seen as a curiosity just a few years ago, hybrid gas/electric and fully-electric automobiles can now be found operating on streets around the world. With a growing interest in protecting the environment, reducing harmful emissions has made electric vehicles highly sought-after by consumers. It makes sense that the motorcycle industry would follow suit with electric-powered two-wheel machines, and a small company called Zero has answered the call.

    The Zero SR/F: An Exciting New Option

    Established in 2006 in Santa Cruz, California, Zero Motorcycles, Inc. was founded by a former NASA engineer. The company’s product lineup includes a range of electric motorcycles, including models for street, racing, and motocross. The new SR/F is an exciting new product, and motorcycle enthusiasts are reacting positively to its introduction.

    New for the 2020 model year, the Zero SR/F is built in California and leverages Zero’s prowess in design, manufacturing, and industry experience. This model offers class-leading performance and handling on diverse road terrains and conditions. Some of the basic specs of the electric motorcycle include:

    • 110 horsepower and 140 ft. lbs. of torque, thanks to the Z-Force 75-10 electric motor.
    • Intelligent Z-Force Li-ion battery with a maximum capacity of 14.4 kWh.
    • Fast charging time (4.5 hours for a full battery charge with standard 3.0 kW integrated charger).
    • Top speed of 124 mph.
    • 161 miles range in city driving, and 200 mile range with optional Power Pack.
    • Bosch motorcycle stability control and Cypher III operating system. 
    • 5 year/unlimited mileage Power Pack warranty.

    Unique SR/F Features

    On paper, the Zero SR/F is an impressive machine. It produces copious power and thrilling speeds, yet its range allows it to be used for long rides to far-flung destinations. The SR/F gets great mileage, too; its equivalent fuel economy exceeds 230 miles per gallon. 

    Perhaps its most innovative feature is the rider-customizable dash that offers a plethora of information on its included full-color dash touch screen. The Cypher III operating system is connected through cellular networks and transmits information to the smartphone app. The rider can access location, charging, system status, and ride-sharing details at the touch of a fingertip. It can even help the rider find charging stations along a given route if desired. 

    Coupled with the Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control, the SR/F has ushered in a new era of “smart” electric motorcycles. This motorcycle is a great option for commuters and for those who enjoy the open road. The SR/F is available in standard and premium models; see the Zero website for more details.

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