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    America’s Top 10 Roads for Motorcycles – Lonely Planet

    1. Pacific Coast Highway – A 1700 mile road trip that spans a large portion of the west coast and delivers an amazing view of beaches along the way.

    2. Appalachian Mountains – The trail is 770 miles of mountainous beauty. Begin in Virginia and end in North Carolina.

    3. River Road – A 170 mile Texan trail that embodies that “western” spirit. Enjoy the desert as you wind your way through the states lovely canyons.

    4. Sun Road – The shortest trip on this list is the 50-miler in Montana at the Glacier National Park. If you’ve never driven through Montana you may be confused as to why the shortest trip on the list may also be one of the best!

    5. Beartooth Highway – Yellowstone National Park! Need we say more…?

    6. Highway 12 – Bryce National Park in Utah holds a 124 mile highway full of riders that love the open road…

    7. Coastal Highway 1 – 170 miles along the north-east coast. Ride here before or after Pacific Coast Highway for a nice contrast. Both are beautiful!

    8. Overseas Highway – A 100 mile tropical ride for paradise seekers. Grab your bike and ride into the sunset on Overseas Highway…

    9. Route 66 – Another “Need we say more” road for the top 10 list. Route 66 is one of the most sought after rides to complete in the world! 10. The Great River Road – Follow the Mississippi! From top to bottom head down from Minnesota to Louisiana in time for Mardi Gras! A 2,500 mile trip! More blogs:New Lotus Motorcycle a “Tron” Replica