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    This is What Motorcycle Insurance Customers Should Know

    If you ride a motorcycle, you know how important appropriate motorcycle insurance can be. Just like with a car, motorcycle insurance protects you, your passengers, and your property. And, just like with car insurance, a motorcycle insurance policy has many components and options. Let’s take a look at the basics so that you can choose the right policy for your specific needs.

    Motorcycle Insurance Basics

    In the State of California, motorcyclists are required to obtain and keep current a motorcycle insurance policy. In fact, most states require this kind of insurance. Each state sets minimum requirements regarding the amount and types of coverage the insurance policy contains.

    Typically, there are several parts of a motorcycle insurance policy. Not all policies are the same, and each one may have some or all of the different types of coverage below. A common policy is divided into components like:

    • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) – this part covers medical expenses for the rider, his or her passengers, and others injured in a motorcycle accident.
    • Medical Payments – similar to PIP, this covers medical expenses associated with the injuries occurring in a motorcycle crash. However, this type of coverage does not pay for lost income or other expenses resulting from the injury.
    • Collision – this coverage pays for damage to the policyholder’s motorcycle that occurs in a crash or accident.
    • Comprehensive – this type of coverage pays for the damage, loss, or theft, particularly in situations that don’t involve a motorcycle accident. Collisions and damage/loss of the motorcycle by animal interactions are typically covered.
    • Liability – this portion protects you financially if you are the cause of an accident that leads to injuries. It covers expenses for damage or injuries sustained by others as a result of the crash.
    • Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage – this part protects you by paying for expenses occur in a crash with someone who is uninsured or does not have sufficient insurance coverage to pay those medical and collision expenses.

    There are other insurance options and components available; speak to your licensed California motorcycle insurance agency today to see which parts are right for your needs. A motorcycle insurance quote is only a phone call away. With the best motorcycle insurance, you and your assets are protected, regardless of where the road takes you.