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    Are Dash Cams Helpful?

    Should you buy a dash cam?

    Dash cams are all kinds of fun. Dash cams are especially fun if you live in a country like Russia where the weather conditions can get very harsh and where many drivers are possibly under the influence of vodka (or at least seem like it based on their driving). Many of you have seen the Youtube videos that Russian dash cams can provide. Have you ever wondered why so many Russians have dash cams?

    With the high rate of automobile accidents in Russia, 18.6 fatalities per 100k inhabitants/year compared to our U.S. number of 11.6, it’s important that these are well documented for lawful purposes as well as future safety purposes. Dash cams can help in providing real evidence as opposed to just verbal and third party eye witnesses.

    More and more people in the U.S. are purchasing dash cams now in hopes that in the unfortunate occasion that an accident occurs there will be video evidence of who was at fault, what happened, who was involved and what sorts of injuries were suffered. This of course can have a huge impact on insurance and it’s claims.

    Right now dash cams are at fairly affordable prices, some in the mid to upper scale can be purchased for a couple hundred dollars through Do you think the investment is worth it?