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    Insurance on Your Superbowl Checklist

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    For some the Sundays are an excuse to eat lots of food and socialize with friends; while for others it’s all about the game. When planning your party for the “Big Game” your checklist may look like this:
    • Chips and Salsa?…Check!
    • Plenty of ice?…Check!
    • Favorite football jersey?…Double Check!
    • Umbrella Insurance?…huh?

    Umbrella Insurance is not something you may value or see as necessary, but it is!

    While your homeowner’s insurance is enough to take care of your home and all it contains – it may not be enough to take care of a lawsuit if someone is injured in your home or on their way home.

    Before you head to the store to pick up game time essentials, check with your insurance agent today about the benefits of Umbrella Insurance. At All County Insurance, we can ensure everything will be covered, with our comprehensive umbrella coverage.

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