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    New Kawasaki Ninja is Too Fast and Furious for the Roads

    The new 2015 Ninja H2R is the newest bike by Kawasaki and will blow your socks off or any other clothing you’re wearing while riding it. The bike is said to be so fast that it won’t even be street legal. With 300 horsepower supercharged engine it’s the most powerful bike to date. The bike even looks powerful. I can definitely see the bike being featured in blockbuster hits that feature high-speed chases and action scenes with bikes (next Fast and Furious perhaps?). One reason I think you may see this in the movies is because you certainly won’t see them on the streets as I said earlier it won’t be street legal. The bike will be good for private collections, the track, showing off, movies, motorcycle shows, etc.. While these 300 HP beasts won’t be available for the public’s general use of transportation Kawasaki is going to bring a slightly less powerful model of the H2R that will be street legal.  This will be the closest thing the public will be able to get to the “most powerful bike ever produced” and will surely be a hit among bikers. Be on the lookout for it otherwise it’ll speed right by you without notice!

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