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    Universal Life Insurance

    Manhattan Crab Chowder

    After all my years, there are two things I’ve never got used to – haggling with a player over his contract and telling a boy he’s got to go back.
    Connie Mack
    Baseball Manager

    The Life Insurance, Tomorrow
    Why do ordinarily intelligent people – people we respect and honor – put off getting life insurance? Invariably, it’s always about time. They say they’ll worry about it tomorrow – or next week or next month. Then, of course, it turns into next year and the cycle repeats itself. While the idea of life insurance appeals to these people, something in their mindset just doesn’t want to deal with it.What happens when these people die? More importantly, what happens to their families? In a split second, the lives of their family members can be turned upside down. When a tragedy like that happens, it’s more than the loss they have to contend with. For the surviving spouse, it can be too much to handle, especially if there are children involved. Meeting their emotional needs is hard enough, but when you compound that with making the funeral arrangements and tending to the bills and having to make arrangements at work for bereavement time, it can be too much.

    Yes, dealing with life insurance does take time. It takes time to choose the right policy and the right amount of coverage. It takes time to discuss the ramifications of the policy and it takes time to get evaluated for coverage. But, if these people would think about the time it takes to get everything squared away and then compare it to the years of life their loved ones will be living, it surely won’t seem like very much time at all. Who wouldn’t invest a couple of hours in order to gain a lifetime of security for their loved ones?

    So, we come, full circle, back to thinking about life insurance. How much life insurance do you need? How much is too much? Is there such a thing as too much? You have questions, and we have answers. Shall we start with Term Life and work our way up to Whole Life? What about Universal? No matter where you start, the beauty of life insurance is that it can grow with you. It can grow to accommodate your lifestyle, your family, and your finances.

    So, yes, take some time to think – but don’t PROCRASTINATE.

    There’s too much at stake.

    Universal Life Insurance
    Instead of Whole or Term Life, you may want to consider a Universal life insurance policy. Why? Universal life insurance combines permanent life insurance benefits with access to tax-deferred, competitive cash values.Here are some advantages of Universal Life you might like to consider:
    • Flexible Premiums – you can control the amount and frequency of payments
    • Flexible Design – you can choose certain protective and preventive policy riders
    • Flexible Protection – you choose your level of protection as you need it

    If you would like to learn more about Universal Life Insurance, contact us today and speak to one of our dedicated agents. We’re here for you!

    Manhattan Crab Chowder
    Who would have thought you could have a chowder ready in a matter of minutes? Push the clams to one side and bring on the crab instead! This heart healthy recipe is sure to delight the entire family. Serve with a side salad and a slice of crusty Italian bread for that extra oomph. Bon appétit!Click here for the recipe!

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