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    Go SCI-FI with your Motorcycle and the new Lotus C-01

    It’s a dream come true for motorcycle enthusiasts and sci-fi and movie geeks alike. The Lotus C-01, a Daniel Simon design, is as close to a replica of the ‘Tron’ motorcycle that’s ever been created.  Everything from the wheels, the side profile, the graphics, all find inspiration from the original Tron bikes. The only thing and possibly the coolest thing about the Tron bikes that didn’t transfer over to the C-01 is the blue out-lighting.

    A very limited amount of these motorcycles in different color schemes will be available and at a price of over $100,000 each. With such a low price you’ll most likely have some money left over in order to get a custom light job to appease the tron fans with a more accurate realisation of the bikes.

    The v-twin engine, 200HP beast of a machine has garnered a lot of attention and praise by the public and was recently road registered. This is the very first motorcycle under the Lotus name and it’s bound to be a hit. More information on the motorcycle can be found here:

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