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    Go SCI-FI with your Motorcycle and the new Lotus C-01

    It’s a dream come true for motorcycle enthusiasts and sci-fi and movie geeks alike. The Lotus C-01, a Daniel Simon design, is as close to a replica of the ‘Tron’ motorcycle that’s ever been created.  Everything from the wheels, the side profile, the graphics, all find inspiration from the original […]

    California Drought Sparks Early Fire Season

    While a large portion of the country is stuck in snowstorms and fighting off cold weather California is battling it’s own weather issues. The extremely dry weather at the beginning of this year has led to one of California’s worst droughts in recent times. With the dry weather and scarcity […]

    Surprise! Minicars Score Poorly on Safety Tests!

    here are plenty advantages of the mini cars that are popping up all over the place. They look cool, they obviously save on space (think garage or parking spots), and they’re more efficient. The cars also hold a strong disadvantage in safety, one of the most important, if not the […]