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    Are Hackers Threatening to Your Car?

    Everyone knows of the technological age that we are currently living in and how much we as humans depend on technology to progress and make our lives easier. We are currently finding computers in everything we use including our modes of transportation. Our cars have GPS capabilities, can connect to all of our media, phones, and blue tooth, and access to the locks can be gained through codes that are able to be hacked.

    Research was recently done among top programmers and code breakers to reveal the security of the computer systems within our cars. The study had researchers appalled at what they had found. It was very much possible to gain access to ones computer system within the car. A hacker with an imagination would easily be able to gain important information from a car owner by listening in on conversations that are done through the car system as well as access codes to the cars locks being found and much much more.

    As of right now researchers say that this is not a threat and that the average person will not be targeted for an attack but that down the line as computer systems in the cars become more of the norm that EVERYONE could potentially be a victim.

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