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    Helmet Use Down = Motorcycle Accidents Up

    Mandatory helmet use has been an issue for a long time and for riders of bicycles, skateboards, and motorcycles alike. The mandatory helmet use for motorcyclists is the most controversial issue of them all due to motorcycles being used at the highest speed of the 3. Some states have lost the vote to pass mandatory helmet use but are now paying the price with accidents racking up.

    The rise in these motorcycle accidents without helmets was very evident when the state of Michigan had stopped requiring helmet use for motorcyclists over 21 for the first time in 40 years. Motorcycle injury claims and dangerous accidents increased at a high level.

    Even with the numbers right in front of them, motorcyclists still refuse to wear their helmets unless it is indeed the law. Only a little more than 50% of people wear helmets when the law doesn’t require it, a huge difference with states that do require helmet with close to 100% obeying the rules.

    As a promoter of practicing safety I advise everyone to wear a helmet whether it is required by law or not. In the end it will save your wallets and more importantly your health.

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