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    CA Senator Proposes Alcohol Bill To Extend Last Call from 2 AM to 4 AM

    Great news could be coming to those that love night life and party at the ungodliest of hours. If you’re a nocturnal party animal you’ll be familiar with the term “last call for alcohol”. The last call for alcohol in California is currently 2 AM and in the newly proposed bill it’ll be changed to 4 AM.

    The bill is being proposed by Sen. Mark Leno. Leno believes the bill and new 4 AM “last call” time could tremendously increase the economy. Job creation, increase in tourism and local tax revenues, are just a few of the advantages that Leno says this new bill will provide.

    Along with the bill there are of course those that oppose it, and argue that it creates more noise and disturbance issues later into the night as well as drunk driving issues. Others say that keeping bars open til 4 AM means drunk drivers going home at times when there are fewer people driving on the freeways.

    The first public hearing for the newly proposed bill will be on April 9th.

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