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    Bud Weiser or Bud Water? Big Lawsuit says Bud Water

    Have you had a Budweiser beer lately? How did the beer taste? Was it rich with flavor or did it seem a little ‘mild’? Did you get buzzed enough? Did you get buzzed at all? If you’ve recently had a Budweiser and felt like it was too mild and didn’t give you a strong enough buzz than you may be interested in what has transpired over the past week.

    Budweiser has had a lawsuit filed against them in California and 6 other states with a total of $30 million in damages looking to be repaired. The lawsuit claims that the company has purposely watered down the beer before sending it out to consumers, leaving the alcohol percentage listed on the can a blatant lie.

    Budweiser didn’t back down from the claim that the beer does taste watered down but they say this is done on purpose. While they don’t mind the comments about the taste, they do stand firmly by their claim that the stated alcohol percentage is accurate to what’s in the can.

    Bud Weiser is currently the #3 selling beer in the world!

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