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    Tire Safety 101 for the New Year

    It’s the New Year and many are setting resolutions; many are going to try and lose weight, eat better, or make more money but what about taking better care of your vehicle? A lot of people disregard small things that their car needs that can cause big problems! Tires need to be taken care of and if not done properly can be harmful to you and your car. Here are a few tire safety tips for 2013!

    1. Tire care and upkeep is crucial for a better ride and gas mileage for your vehicle.

    2. Keeping tires inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure will help tires wear evenly and provide proper traction.

    3. You can find the maximum cold inflation load limit on the sidewall of all tires. Here’s an explanation from

    4. Want to know how to read your tires for potential tire wear problems? This link from shows you how:

    5. A pocket tire gauge is a perfect gift for college kids going back to school soon