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    A few Winter Driving Tips for 2013

    Winter is here and so is the harsh weather that comes with it. It’s been awfully cold here in California and depending where you are you’ve already experienced inches of snow, fierce winds, and/or rain.

    Below are a few tips for driving during this 2013 winter season.

    1. When driving in unpredictable winter weather keep the basics in mind. Riding through hazardous conditions is not the time to be exercising your careless driving!

    2. If you must be on the road during a snow storm, drive with your lights on for increased visibility and reduce your speed.

    3. If driving during inclement winter weather, allow at least three car lengths between you and the vehicle in front of you.

    4. Always let someone else know where you’re going, your planned route and when you expect to arrive.

    5. Allow extra time for your commute to account for unexpected traffic snarls caused by the weather.

    6. Absolutely no use of cell phone while driving in winter weather. DO have your cell phone with you though in case of emergencies.

    7. Be aware and awake at all times. Being sleepy sometimes can be more fatal than driving drunk (obvious -DO NOT DRIVE DRUNK). Trees can become hazardous when winds begin to gust, be aware!

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