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    Phones are a Danger to Everyone on the Road

    Using a cell phone while driving can cause a form of tunnel vision that slows reaction time by 20 percent.

    Using a cell phone can also put you in harms way of the law: Some states only allow talking on cell phones while driving with a hands-free device. What’s the law where you live? Don’t end up with a ticket and a fine while putting yourself in danger.

    Aside from the laws against talking on the cell phone text messages are also finding their way to being illegal. Only a few states outlaw texting while driving, but more are looking to do so after deadly texting-related crashes.

    Time is a valuable thing: Taking your eyes off the road for even one or two seconds can make the difference between avoiding a crash and causing one.

    If you REALLY need to contact someone the only safe way to use your phone while driving for a call or to send a text message is to safely pull off the road, stop and then use the phone.

    Pothole Safety Tips provided by All County Insurance