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    Insurance Tips: Purchasing a Used Car

    When searching for a used vehicle, a little research and preparation can go a long way. Watch for five tips on buying a used car or truck.

    1st tip: Safety first! Visit to compare vehicle crash test and safety ratings side-by-side.

    2nd tip: Research, research, research! There are several online resources, such as,, and that provide unbiased reviews of vehicles so you can uncover potential weak points in a particular car or truck.

    3rd tip: When you find a car or truck you’re interested in, obtain a vehicle history report – either from the dealer, or from a resource such as These reports can expose serious issues in a vehicle’s past that can drastically reduce the value and could lead to costly repair bills down the road.

    4th tip: Even if you already have a vehicle history report, ask the seller plenty of questions about the vehicle’s past – Any major repairs? Has scheduled maintenance been performed at the dealer? Vehicle history reports are helpful, but they don’t reveal everything.

    5th tip: Use your personal judgment. When test driving or looking at a vehicle, if something doesn’t “feel right,” don’t feel pressured into making a snap decision – take some time to think it over.

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