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Insurance Driving Tips: Pothole Safety

Where’s the worst pothole on your morning or evening commute?

Pothole Tip #1: Until it can be filled in, note the pothole’s location so you can avoid it and also report it your municipality.

Pothole Tip #2: Proper tire inflation is key for most road safety, surviving potholes included.

Pothole Tip #3: Reduce your speed on unfamiliar roads and watch the traffic in front of you for clues about upcoming potholes.

Pothole Tip #4: If driving over a pothole is unavoidable, slow down, but don’t brake or stop directly over the pothole. Let the shock absorbers do their job.

Pothole Tip #5: If you notice your wheels are out of alignment or there are  unusual leaks under your car after hitting a pothole, go see your mechanic.

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