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    Phones are a Danger to Everyone on the Road

    Using a cell phone while driving can cause a form of tunnel vision that slows reaction time by 20 percent. Using a cell phone can also put you in harms way of the law: Some states only allow talking on cell phones while driving with a hands-free device. What’s the […]

    Insurance Driving Tips: Pothole Safety

    Where’s the worst pothole on your morning or evening commute? Pothole Tip #1: Until it can be filled in, note the pothole’s location so you can avoid it and also report it your municipality. Pothole Tip #2: Proper tire inflation is key for most road safety, surviving potholes included. Pothole […]

    Insurance Tips: Purchasing a Used Car

    When searching for a used vehicle, a little research and preparation can go a long way. Watch for five tips on buying a used car or truck. 1st tip: Safety first! Visit to compare vehicle crash test and safety ratings side-by-side. 2nd tip: Research, research, research! There are several […]

    The Most Dangerous Cars on the Road in 2012

    The following cars have been deemed as the most dangerous cars to operate on the road in 2012. The title of most dangerous car has been placed on these specific vehicles for several different reasons and been evaluated by experts. Four different criteria has been used in order to rightfully […]

    Protecting Your Home and Family During Hurricane Season

    Protect exterior windows and doors. Whether it’s a permanent solution like storm shutters, or a temporary solution like plywood, make sure that every window and door can be reinforced during a hurricane. Purchase supplies ahead of time. Check and secure any loose shingles. High winds can lift loose shingles up […]

    Getting the Most from a Classic Car Club

    When considering joining a classic car club, shop around to find the organization that’s right for you. Watch for upcoming posts about the most common car club activities and events, as well as the benefits you can expect. Tip 1: Club Membership 1: Most clubs have regular meetings, but the […]