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    Auto Insurance: 5 Body Shop Tips

    1: When painting parts, hang using 1/8 to 1/4 inch hooks and then tape at the top. This will help stabilize parts and keep them from swaying.

    2: Use exhaust tubing to provide the proper exit on heater boxes and A/C ducts when trying to run through tight areas under the dash.

    3: When mocking up components like an A/C box, cover all inlets and outlets with tape to keep dust and dirt out. This will save you a lot of cleanup time later.

    4: Don’t accept the fit of factory parts. If they don’t install properly, trim and adjust for a custom fit.

    5: If installing side windows, pre-align the tracks. Once they fit how you like, pilot drill inside doors and quarter panels to the tracks with a 1/8 bit.

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