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    Flood Insurance: Pre-vacation Flood Prevention

    Traveling or going on vacation? Watch for some in-home flood prevention tips you should consider before heading out of town.

    Vacation flood prevention tip: Examine all of your faucets and pipes for leaks. Even just a tiny crack or pinhole in a pipe could cause serious flooding.

    Vacation flood prevention tip: Check your washing machine hoses. Make sure there’s no bulging or cracking. Replace any faulty hoses with new ones.

    Vacation flood prevention tip: If freezing temperatures are a possibility, check all of your pipes to make sure they’re properly insulated.

    Vacation flood prevention tip: Check your toilets to make sure they don’t continue to run after the reservoir is full.

    Vacation flood prevention tip: Inspect your hot water heater to make sure there is no water below it and all connections are tight and leak-free.

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