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    Collectible Auto Insurance Tips: Avoid Theft

    Theft deterrents such as audible alarms, identification markers and alarm window stickers all decrease the chances of your car being stolen.

    1. If you store your collectible car in an outbuilding, check on it regularly, use a deadbolt lock on all outside doors, and keep blinds or shades closed. An alarm system is also a good idea.

    2. The following theft deterrents are relatively inexpensive and will not alter your collectible car: steering wheel locks; brake pedal locks; removal of the ignition rotor, distributor cap or high-tension lead; removing the fuel pump fuse; or disconnecting the battery cable.

    3. Cutting off the electricity is an easy way to keep your car from starting. Install a battery cut-off switch on the battery terminal, a remote battery cut-off switch or an immobilization device designed for theft prevention. Some older vehicles may also already have fuel shut-off valves.

    4. Mark your car parts to deter thieves and identify your property in the event your car is stolen. Etch initials into glass and engrave plastic and metal parts. Or use DNA ink which is visible only under ultraviolet light.

    5. If your car is stolen, notify police and your insurance company immediately with the following information: date and time of theft, location from where the car was stolen, vehicle description, vehicle identification or serial number, and license plate number.

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