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    Insurance Tips: Top Five Mistakes Drivers Make

    1. Tailgating
      Leave a three-second cushion between you and the vehicle in front of you. Leave even more time when road conditions are bad or when you’re travelling at higher speeds.
    2. Stopping Instead of Yielding
      Accidents can happen when drivers stop at a yield sign. “Yield” simply means to slow down and let the traffic on the road you are entering have the right of way. Most times, this is possible without coming to a stop.
    3. Trusting Mirrors Instead of Your Eyes
      Relying on mirrors can cause blind spots. Whether backing up or switching lanes, always look over your shoulder. And remember, objects in your mirror are closer than they appear.
    4. Failing to Yield on Green
      Even though a green light means “GO,” always remember to look at the street you are entering—especially when turning left—to make sure no pedestrians or vehicles are in your path.
    5. Multi-Tasking
      Drivers are distracted by just about anything these days—including the radio, eating and using the phone. Focus on driving and turn off all gadgets when you turn the key.

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