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    Auto Insurance Tips: Five Tips to Prevent Auto Accidents

    Risky driving behavior causes accidents. Be safe and avoid accidents by following these safe-driving tips:

    1. Watch Your Speed: It’s easy to go too fast—especially when you are in a hurry. Remind yourself to slow down and keep it safe.
    2. Mirror, Mirror: Properly adjust all mirrors before starting your trip. It is also important to check the side and rearview mirrors frequently while en route. This will allow you to constantly observe your surroundings.
    3. Avoid Road Rage: Leave aggressive drivers to the police. Call 911 and report unsafe drivers—you could be doing them and everyone else on the road a favor in the long run.
    4. Drinking = No Driving: If you’ve been drinking, have someone else drive—no matter how you feel.
    5. Eyes on the Road: Minimize distractions when driving. Avoid eating, using your phone or doing anything else that takes your concentration off the road—even if it’s just for a few seconds.

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