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RV Insurance Tips: Cold Weather (Ice Road) RVing

As fall sets in across the country, some RVers want to take advantage of the cooler days on the road but just like the Ice Road Truckers the key to doing Cold Weather RVing is being prepared.

Tip 1: Keep your RV propane tank filled. It will minimize condensation and help prevent moisture problems in colder temperatures.

Tip 2: Remember that RV engines and heating systems use more electricity during colder weather, so be mindful of drain on the battery.

Tip 3: You can insulate your RV by covering windows and roof vents with vinyl, and by using weather-stripping on doors and throw rugs on floors

Tip 4: Campgrounds will be emptier this time of year. Try to park in a spot that is open to the warmth of the sun, and protected from the wind.

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