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    5 Home Insurance Tips: Prevent Basement Flooding

    Thinking about finishing your basement? It’s a great way to add some extra square footage and increase your home’s value. But, basements are often prone to flooding. Consider these five water prevention tips before getting started.

    Tip 1: Inspect the grading of the land around your house. The land should slope away from the home.

    Tip 2: Make sure all downspouts are connected and free of obstructions. They should extend several feet from your foundation.

    Tip 3: Check your basement walls for any cracking or stains from previous water damage, which could be warning signs of flooding in the future.

    Tip 4: Clear all underground drains and grates of any obstructions and make sure they’re functioning properly.

    Tip 5: Check your water softener, water heater and other utility equipment in the basement to ensure there are no leaks.

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