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    California DMV Issues Suspicious Same-Day Renewal

    Have you recently received a notice from the California DMV for your registration renewal and noticed that the due date for the payment is the day you received the letter? Usually a late payment would result in a 60% gain in fees but if you read the fine print in the new notices sent by the DMV this isn’t necessarily the case.

    Many drivers in California received a notice with less than 24 hours to complete the payment. Some rushed to pay while others needed the regular 60-day notice period to make the payment.

    So what’s the deal behind these notices? It’s because of the governor and the California budget plan that these notices were sent out ‘same-day’ as payment was due. The governor had the DMV wait to send out the renewal notices in hope that the DMV renewal fees would stay the same rather than decrease. (In the end the registration fee was increased!)

    Fortunately for many, it has been said that in the fine print of these notices that as long as the renewal fee is paid within 30 days of the due date there will be no penalty. This 30 day grace period only lasts until the 1st of January 2012.

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