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    Homeowners Insurance Tips: Protecting Your Family from Fire

    Fires can strike anywhere – in structures, buildings, automobiles, and the outdoors – but fires that affect our homes are often the most tragic and the most preventable. Over 75% percent of all fire fatalities occur in home fires. This year’s National Fire Prevention Week theme is “Protect Your Family from Fire.” You can protect […]

    Insurance Road Trip Info: Fall RVing

    The fading summer heat means fall will be setting in across the country, and what better way to enjoy it than an RV road trip? One advantage of fall is campgrounds are generally less crowded, but there are also plenty of other ways for RVers to enjoy the season In […]

    Flood Insurance Tips: Fall Flood Prevention

    Watch for a list of a few simple things you can do this fall to safeguard your home against flooding. Tip 1: Make sure that any water pipes going into your house are properly insulated to prevent freezing and breakage. Tip 2: Clean leaves, dirt or any other debris out […]

    Auto Insurance Tips: Safe Commuting

    Tip 1: Breakfast on the go? Just say no! Eat before you get in the car or wait until you get to the office so you can focus on the road. Tip 2: Back to basics! Driver inattention contributes to over 50% of all car crashes. Pay attention to traffic […]

    10 Tips for Autumn Backyard Cleanup

    The kids are headed back to school, the leaves are turning, and a chill is in the air. If you’re like most homeowners, fall also means an opportunity to spruce up your yard and cut down on the work you’ll need to do when the weather turns warm again. 1. Rake […]

    ATV Insurance Tips: Share the Trail

    Stay on the trail and share it with others! Tip 1: Respect all trail restrictions and use only trails open to your mode of transportation. Tip 2: When traveling on shared-use trails, continually watch for other types of recreationalists. Tip 3: Slow down when sight lines are poor or when […]

    Watercraft / Boat Insurance Tips: Preventing Theft

    Boats and personal watercraft are easy targets for theft since they often sit in driveways and at marinas unattended. Boat thefts cost owners and insurance companies millions of dollars each year. Locking your boat may seem like common sense, but many people do not. Also be sure your trailer is […]

    Auto Insurance Tips: Preventing RV Theft

    Your RV is a home away from home, and it needs to be protected from theft just as a house would. Lock your RV door and close the roof vents and windows if leaving. Close curtains and leave a radio or lights on with a timer. Never leave your ignition […]

    5 Home Insurance Tips: Prevent Basement Flooding

    Thinking about finishing your basement? It’s a great way to add some extra square footage and increase your home’s value. But, basements are often prone to flooding. Consider these five water prevention tips before getting started. Tip 1: Inspect the grading of the land around your house. The land should […]

    5 Home Insurance Tips: Checking Your Sump Pump

    If your home has a basement, it probably has a sump pump. Watch for some tips to make sure your sump pump is working properly. 1. Has your sump pump gotten louder? This could be a sign of bad bearings in the motor. Have a qualified plumber check to see […]