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Classic Car Restoration Tips

Restoring a classic car is a challenging and rewarding experience requiring a lot of time and patience. Watch for five tips to help make your car restoration project a success.

1: Examine the car and create a thorough list of everything you want changed or repaired. Then find the best deal by checking at least three places to get the pricing for each part needed.

2: It’s best to work in the following order: transmission, engine, electrical, suspension, interior, body and wheels.

3: After you disassemble your classic car, you’re going to find yourself with hundreds of small bolts, screws, brackets and other parts. Keep these parts in labeled plastic bags to make the reassembly process easier.

4: While making engine repairs, avoid accidentally scratching the fenders by clipping a blanket to the flange surrounding the engine bay.

5: Use a piece of chalk to circle small flaws such as scratches or dings you come across while working on your car. That way, you’ll be sure to get them taken care of during the restoration process.

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