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    Man Sues Casino over Slot Machine Injury

    Randy E. Perkins of Tennessee claims that a slot machine injury at a casino in Mississippi has prevented him from being able to get a job at a food plant in Louisiana. Perkins has filed a lawsuit against the Tunica Roadhouse Casino and seeks $750,000 in damages. The injuries that […]

    Insurance Study Shows Youngest and Oldest Drivers Least Distracted

    Unexpected results from the Distracted Driving Study from GMAC Insurance shows that the least experienced and youngest drivers are the least likely to have distracted driving habits. Apart from selecting songs on an MP3 player, teen drivers are far less likely than drivers ages 18 to 34 to engage in […]

    How to Care for Older Homes

    Older homes need special attention. Watch for five tips on how to keep your older home going strong. 1. If your home has an old boiler system, replace with a modern, efficient boiler or furnace for energy savings. 2. If central air isn’t an option, consider installing a large ventilation fan or […]

    Motorcycle Helmet Safety

    Not every motorcycle helmet is the same. Choose a DOT approved helmet that protects your head and face. Here’s some great information on helmet safety from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Helmets Work Most activities have their own suitable protective gear and equipment. Motorcycling is no exception. Every rider and passenger […]

    Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Shares up 10% Thanks to Sales

    As of today the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle company has had it’s stock rise 10%. This happened shortly after a sales report that stated the company had it’s first rise in annual sales of the bike for the first time in 5 years. Harley dealers across the U.S. experienced a 7.5% increase […]

    Insurance Tips: Time to Reassess Your Valuables

    (Money Magazine) — With commodity prices still rising — both gold and silver have notched sizable gains this year — your precious possessions may be due for an insurance upgrade. A 14-karat-gold necklace that cost $750 to replace five years ago, for example, now runs $1,100, says Robert Aretz, president […]

    Summer Fire Safety

    Picnics, camping and grilling out all add to the fun of summer. However, these activities may involve a risk of injury due to fire. Learn what fire safety tips you can follow to help everyone stay safe. Grill Safety Propane and charcoal BBQ grills must only be used outdoors. If […]

    Smart Phones Distracting Drivers

    Tweeting and Facebooking while Driving? An alarmingly high percentage of drivers are still using various features of their smart phones while operating their vehicles, according to the Distracted Driving Study which is part of the 7th Annual GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test. According to the study, almost two-thirds of drivers […]

    Classic Car Restoration Tips

    Restoring a classic car is a challenging and rewarding experience requiring a lot of time and patience. Watch for five tips to help make your car restoration project a success. 1: Examine the car and create a thorough list of everything you want changed or repaired. Then find the best deal […]

    Motorcycle Group Riding Tips

    Motorcycling is primarily a solo activity, but for many, riding as a group — whether with friends on a Sunday morning ride or with an organized motorcycle rally — is the epitome of the motorcycling experience.  Here are some tips to help ensure a fun and safe group ride: Arrive […]