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    Looks Like Driver’s Ed May Not Be Enough

    Should people have to take the driver’s test every few years in order to keep their driver’s licenses? 
    If the results of the 2011 GMAC Insurance National Drivers test are any indication of how well drivers know the rules of the road, then close to 37 million drivers need to retake a driver’s education course. According to the study, nearly 37 million U.S. drivers are unable to pass a written driver’s test. That means millions of people are driving with their own rules for the road. According to driving expert Officer Robert Kidd of Ohio, education and testing are essential when it comes to increasing safe driving knowledge and reducing road rage and accidents.

    What questions did drivers struggle with the most?
    According to the National Drivers Test, only 15% of respondents knew to stop, if it is safe to do so, at a traffic light displaying a steady yellow signal. And, only 27% of participants knew that the safe distance to follow other drivers in most conditions is three seconds. These are the two questions that drivers struggled with the most in the 7th Annual National Drivers Test from GMAC Insurance.

    When asked about whether or not taking the driver’s test would make a difference on the roads, Officer Kidd, who is currently a traffic safety instructor, said, “If each driver were required to take a written test each time they renewed their license, there would be a substantial reduction in road rage and accidents.” Kidd explained, “The most common response I get from drivers after I explain a driving rule or law is, I didn’t know that.” While there was a slight increase in the overall average test score compared to 2010, many American drivers are still unfit for the road, according to the 7th Annual GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test.

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