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    Prepare Your Collectable Auto for Show

    If you’re planning to show your collectible auto, you’ll want it sparkling clean. Watch for eight tips to get your baby looking its best.

    Tip 1: When washing your Collectible Auto, it’s a good idea to start with the engine and engine compartment. This ensures that any dirt and grease landing on the vehicle will be washed off soon after. Cover the fender tops with towels to protect them from any harsh degreasers you may use.

    Tip 2: Wash wheels before the body of the car to prevent contamination from cleaners, brake dust and dirt from being spattered back onto the body when you rinse.

    Tip 3: Wash your car in the shade if possible. A hot surface makes both wash and rinse water evaporate too quickly, causing spotting and streaking.

    Tip 4: When washing the body of your car, begin by spraying the vehicle with a light to medium force of water. This serves to rinse the large dirt and grime particles off the finish so you don’t grind them into the paint.

    Tip 5: Always use soap specifically made for car washing. Dishwashing detergent is too strong and contains no surface conditioners or natural oils to aid in rinsing dirt and grit off the surface without scratching the finish.

    Tip 6: Whether you prefer a sponge or wash mitt, make sure they’ve been thoroughly rinsed before use. The last thing you want to do is rub your finish with a sponge or mitt contaminated from a previous wash.

    Tip 7: Always wash and rinse your car from the top down. If you’re using a soap that contains natural oils, remember to rinse frequently so oils don’t dry on the car and cause hazing. It’s also good to do the final rinse without a spray nozzle. Let water flow freely and sheet off the finish.

    Tip 8: After the car has been thoroughly washed and rinsed, use a cloth to dry it off. Microfiber products are extremely soft and will absorb over seven times their weight in water.

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