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    Put the Phone Down and Drive

    Using a cell phone while driving can cause a form of tunnel vision that slows reaction time by 20 percent. Some states only allow talking on cell phones while driving with a hands-free device. What’s the law where you live? Only a few states outlaw texting while driving, but more […]

    UCSD says Buzz Driving is Drunk Driving

    A study by two at the University of San Diego linked fatalities from 1994-2008 with buzz driving (in which the driver has a blood alcohol content more than 0.01 and less than 0.08. This obvious connection has led the researchers to believe that buzz driving is unsafe. The study was […]

    Looks Like Driver’s Ed May Not Be Enough

    Should people have to take the driver’s test every few years in order to keep their driver’s licenses?  If the results of the 2011 GMAC Insurance National Drivers test are any indication of how well drivers know the rules of the road, then close to 37 million drivers need to […]

    Lightning Safety Week – Avoid the Lightning Threat

    Have a lightning safety plan – Know where you’ll go for safety and how much time it will take to get there. Make sure your plan allows enough time to reach safety. Postpone activities – Before going outdoors, check the forecast for thunderstorms. Consider postponing activities to avoid being caught in a […]

    Insurance – What You Might Not Know About Lightning

    All thunderstorms produce lightning and are dangerous. In the United States, in an average year, lightning kills about the same number of people as tornadoes and more people than hurricanes. Lightning often strikes outside the area of heavy rain and may strike as far as 10 miles from any rainfall. […]

    Lightning Safety Week – Safety for You and Your Family

    When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors! Each year in the United States, more than 400 people are struck by lightning. On average, between 55 and 60 people are killed; hundreds of others suffer permanent neurological disabilities. Most of these tragedies can be avoided with a few simple precautions. When thunderstorms threaten, […]

    Demand for CyberInsurance Increases after Several Large-Scale Hacks

    As two of the largest hacks in history have hit just in this past year it’s evident that the need and demand for CyberInsurance has been increased. Both Sony and CitiBank, the two companies that have suffered greatly through the internet due to breaches in online security have called on […]

    Drivers test proves difficult for younger adult drivers

    According to the GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test, 4 out of 10 young adult drivers, ages 18-24, would fail the driver’s test if they took it today. While the youngest group proved to be the least knowledgeable when it comes to safe driving, 32% of 25-34 year old drivers would […]

    Classic Car Clubs: Get the Most from Membership

    When considering joining a classic car club, shop around to find the organization that’s right for you. Watch for upcoming posts about the most common car club activities and events, as well as the benefits you can expect. 1: Most clubs have regular meetings, but the agenda is more important […]

    Prepare Your Collectable Auto for Show

    If you’re planning to show your collectible auto, you’ll want it sparkling clean. Watch for eight tips to get your baby looking its best. Tip 1: When washing your Collectible Auto, it’s a good idea to start with the engine and engine compartment. This ensures that any dirt and grease landing […]