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    Avoid Being the Victim of a Staged Accident

    Millions have fallen victim to staged accidents. Watch for five preventive measures law-abiding drivers can take to avoid falling into this trap.

    Preventive Measure 1: Don’t tailgate! Tailgaters are viewed as prime targets by people trying to stage an accident.

    Preventive Measure 2: Be a defensive driver. If another driver suddenly darts in front of you, slow down and increase the distance between you and that driver.

    Preventive Measure 3: If you’re in an accident, take notes on the situation using an auto accident checklist.

    Preventive Measure 4: Get the names and addresses of independent witnesses at the accident scene.

    Preventive Measure 5: If a collision seems to be a set-up, immediately advise your insurance company and law enforcement officials.

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