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    Avoid Being the Victim of a Staged Accident

    Millions have fallen victim to staged accidents. Watch for five preventive measures law-abiding drivers can take to avoid falling into this trap. Preventive Measure 1: Don’t tailgate! Tailgaters are viewed as prime targets by people trying to stage an accident. Preventive Measure 2: Be a defensive driver. If another driver […]

    Driving Tips for Stormy Weather

    Adverse weather tests driving abilities for both novice and experienced drivers. Helpful driving tips for stormy weather follow. Storm Driving Tip 1: Tires should be properly inflated and have sufficient tread depth to help ensure traction on slick roads. Storm Driving Tip 2: Reduce your speed. If conditions are adverse, […]

    Nearly 1 in 5 U.S. Drivers Unfit for the Road

    Today, the 2011 GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test results revealed that 1 in 5 drivers on the road today cannot meet the basic requirements to get a driver’s license. This means that 36.9 million U.S. drivers – roughly 18 percent – would not pass the written drivers test if they […]

    Driving Tips: Pothole Safety

    Pothole Safety: Where’s the worst pothole on your morning or evening commute? Until the worst can be filled in, make a mental note about the pothole’s location so you can avoid it and also report it your municipality. Proper tire inflation is key for most road safety, surviving potholes included. […]

    Tornado Season Insurance Information

    Tornado Season Is Upon Us Tornado season just began! Tornadoes are more likely to form from April through July. Tornado information follows: Tornado Watch means: Conditions are conducive to the development of tornadoes in and close to the watch area. Tornado Warning means: A tornado has actually been sighted or […]

    Motorcycle Safety Course Locator

    Taking a motorcycle safety course can not only make you a better rider, but you might also get a discount on your insurance. Find courses here. Motorcycle Safety Course Locator Recent Insurance Articles: Motorcycle Safety Courses Make You a Better Rider Top 3 Incorrect Answers on Drivers Test Motorcycle Insurance: […]

    Motorcycle Safety Courses Make You a Better Rider

    Taking a motorcycle safety course can help you be a more confident rider and prepare you for what to do to protect yourself in an accident. Find out more from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Motorcycle Safety Foundation Recent Insurance Articles: Handle Your Motorcycle with Care Top 3 Incorrect Answers on […]

    Handle Your Motorcycle with Care

    Driving a motorcycle is very different from driving a car and there are additional safety aspects you need to be aware of on a bike. Check with the local Department of Motor Vehicles for information on a motorcycle training course in your area. Only an experienced motorcyclist should carry a […]

    Motorcycle Tips – Avoiding Hazards on the Road

    When riding a motorcycle in slippery conditions reduce your speed, apply both brakes slowly and consistently, maintain gradual and deliberate movements to keep the bike steady, ride where you’re most likely to be seen, and avoid the center of the lane and sides where oil and slippery substances tend to […]

    How to Get Your Motorcycle Ready for Summer!

    Getting ready to take your motorcycle out of storage? Look for tips on getting your bike road-ready for the summer. #1: Open the filler cap and look for gunk. If the fuel is questionable, it may be a good idea to drain the tank, fuel lines and carburetor. #2: Before […]