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    Motorcycle Industry Council says Motorcycle Sales are Up!

    The non-profit company “Motorcycle Industry Council” has compiled data that displays an increase in motorcycle sales in the US for the 1st Q of the year. The scooter sales market increased by 50% and the dual purpose bikes increased by 25%. These positive numbers are indicative of the growing awareness of the advantages that motorcycles have in the current U.S. economy.

    “Nothing compares to a motorcycle for combining fun with saving money,” said Tim Buche, president and CEO of the nonprofit trade association. “There’s no more enjoyable way to get to work and get around, and rising fuel prices have given our customers yet another great reason to ride.”

    The bikes and scooters themselves are not the only things that are experiencing an increase in sales. The bike and scooter accessories have also gained a significant amount of sales. Motorcycle and scooter tires have raised 29% in the 1st Q of the year.

    “Tire sales add to new-bike sales figures as a measure of motorcycle interest since there are still a lot of great used bikes putting on the miles, and older bikes that owners are reviving and enjoying once again,” Buche said. “We see Americans leaving their cars at home more, enjoying the convenience and exhilaration of motorcycling, and getting into a different way of being green.”

    The retail sales report by MIC has been conducted and based on the sales of 18 different brands throughout the nation.


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