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    Christian Minister is Jumping his Motorcycle for the King

    Aaron Ramsey is a Christian Minister from Augusta, Georgia. Ramsey, unlike other ministers, doesn’t use common methods to preach the gospel. As you can see in the picture above Ramsey is jumping his motorcycle over fire in order to get his point aCROSS. What is his point? His point is to perform stunts and other high energy activities in order to draw large crowds to see and hear the message of Christ.

    Jumping for Jesus since 1999 after hearing his hero Evil Knievel speak at an event in Las Vegas. The dare devil that Evil Knievel was known to be said, “I always like to tell people the devil ain’t done a damn thing for me. Keep believing in Jesus Christ, Las Vegas,”. Aaron has done over 200 jumps since his Jumping for Jesus started in 1999 at Churches all over the US.

    Over 200 jumps for Aaron doesn’t mean that all of his praise-worthy stunts were successful. In 2006 he broke his pelvis and ribs but has continued on his mission, the mission to get as many people to the saving knowledge of Jesus.

    Aaron Ramsey’s next jump will take place at the Calvary Baptist Church in Middleburg, Florida this Saturday at 6 PM and another on Sunday at 12:30 after service on Sunday.

    Jumping for the King



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