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    Motorcycle Industry Council says Motorcycle Sales are Up!

    The non-profit company “Motorcycle Industry Council” has compiled data that displays an increase in motorcycle sales in the US for the 1st Q of the year. The scooter sales market increased by 50% and the dual purpose bikes increased by 25%. These positive numbers are indicative of the growing awareness […]

    Rowland Heights: Auto Insurance Basics

    Whether you drive a sports car or an old pickup truck, it’s likely that the law requires you to purchase auto insurance. But there are many options over and above your state’s mandated minimum insurance. Buying additional coverage could save you money on repair bills or cover a judgment against […]

    Harley-Davidson Anaheim Fullerton

    Harley-Davidson of Anaheim-Fullerton is a family run Harley store that sells new and used bikes and buys used bikes as well. The store does full service and repairs done by a team of Harley-Davidson trained technicians. The store has been around since the 60’s and has itself a reputation that has […]

    Fullerton Motorcycle Insurance: Risky Drivers

    Risky Drivers Have you seen your driving record go up in smoke, only to learn that your insurer has cancelled your auto policy? It may be quite difficult to find a company that is willing to provide insurance down the road. And if you do find one, be prepared to […]

    Eightball Choppers in Placentia will Customize your Bike!

    Eightball Rods & Choppers in Placentia is a local shop that specializes in custom painting of motorcycles and cars. They also offer repair services for rods and choppers among other services. Harley Davidson Custom Service and Repair Custom Airbag and Hydraulic Suspension and Lowering Handle Shaving, Roof Chops, and Channeling […]

    Placentia Motorcycle Insurance Information

    If you are familiar with the basics of automobile insurance, then you may already know more than you think about motorcycle insurance. If you ride a motorcycle on public roadways, you’ll need the same basics as your automobile insurance: liability, collision, comprehensive, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Motorcycles can be riskier […]

    Chopper Design Group in La Habra

    Mike Toupin is the head of the Chopper Design Group in La Habra, California. The Chopper Design Group prides itself on being one of the best in custom bike design, a company that has the passion and the skill to succeed in satisfying their customers. Riding a bike designed by […]

    La Habra Insurance: The 17 Perils

    The word “peril” invokes different images for different people, although the reaction is usually the same for everyone: avoid, avoid, avoid. Despite your best efforts, sometimes perils to your home and property cannot be avoided. That’s where a good homeowner’s insurance policy comes in. Homeowner’s policies are defined by the […]

    Cobra Engineering in Yorba Linda and Fi2000 PowrPro

    Cobra is an aftermarket cruiser product manufacturer, offering a full line of performance parts and accessories. Cobra Engineering in Yorba Linda is representative of a high quality company with cutting-edge features and products. Cobra Engineering has recently released the Fi2000 PowrPro, a new CVT (Continuously Variable Tuning) product that is […]

    Christian Minister is Jumping his Motorcycle for the King

    Aaron Ramsey is a Christian Minister from Augusta, Georgia. Ramsey, unlike other ministers, doesn’t use common methods to preach the gospel. As you can see in the picture above Ramsey is jumping his motorcycle over fire in order to get his point aCROSS. What is his point? His point is […]