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    The Most Expensive Motorcycle in the World

    Pictured above is the Ecosse FE Ti XX , currently the world’s most expensive motorcycle priced at $300,000. The motorcycle is a part of the Ecosse Titanium series which also featured the world’s previously most expensive motorcycle. You may not have heard of the company before but Ecosse isn’t new to the expensive motorcycle territory. One reason you may not have heard of Ecosse is because of how expensive the bikes are, as well as their parts and materials.

    The Ecosse FE Ti XX feature 2 409cc billet engine and 225 horsepower at the rear wheel.

    If you’re interested in purchasing the bike it may be some time before they are available as the first shipment of bikes will be going to China. For I’m sure what was the ‘right price’ one man was able to obtain the motorcycle for sculpture use in his home.

    If you think Ecosse is going to stop here at the Ecosse FE Ti XX you better think again. Ecosse is planning on the ES1, a motorcycle that will hold the title of most expensive motorcycle @ $350,000!


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