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    Natural Disaster Insurance: 10 Safest US Cities

    One of the most tragic and horrifying natural disasters in recent times, the tsunami that hit Japan and that shook the world has left everyone leery of future natural disasters. The tsunami has left many without homes or money or anything at all and it’s a scary and sad thought. While the work to recovery can’t even begin in Japan there are many in California preparing for ‘The Big One’ so as to prevent even more lives ruined by the surprise attack of a natural disaster. Last year $40 billion in losses was the cost to insurers for natural disasters, specifically for earthquakes. What can people do to avoid ‘natural’ disasters? Well, not a whole lot but location definitely has a profound amount to do with what certain type of disasters occur and how often they occur. A list of 10 of the safest cities in the US has been done using the following criteria:

    “From a list of American cities with populations over 100,000, those cities that had a higher likelihood of being struck by tornadoes (in Tornado Alley) were eliminated, as were those cities that were more likely to be hit by a hurricane (Gulf Coast cities and some Atlantic Coast cities). Cities that had a higher probability of experiencing a tsunami (Pacific Coast cities) or that were located near active volcanoes (concentrated in the Pacific Northwest) were also eliminated. Finally, cities in areas most likely to experience earthquakes (according to the U.S. Geological Survey) were removed from the list.

    Once the list was narrowed down from 276 to under 100, the top ten were picked based on low violent crime rates — although not a natural disaster, crime rates are also a relative measure of safety.”

    If you would like to donate and help the cause of our friends in Japan please donate to: Red Cross

    1. Chesapeake, Virginia

    2. Erie, Pennsylvania

    3. Fort Wayne, Indiana

    4. Grand Rapids, Michigan

    5. Green Bay, Wisconsin

    6. Henderson, Nevada

    7. Phoenix, Arizona

    8. Provo, Utah

    9. St.Paul, Minnesota

    10. Stamford, Connecticut

    *Credit for this list goes to WiseBread

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