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    High Gas Prices Benefit Motorcycle, Moped, and Scooter Industries

    Drivers have seen gas prices in California as well as in other states across the country rise to uncomfortably high prices. As of today the average price for a gallon in California is a little over $4.00 and that number is said to continue to rise. California is said to be making $25 million a month on the recent spikes in the gas prices.

    One sure way to save costs on gas is to purchase a motorcycle, mo-ped, or a scooter. Using one of these 3 mobiles will instantly cut the amount of gas and money you’re saving on it while still being able to get to the places you need to be. According to a survey done by the Consumer Federation of America the average household is expected to pay $2,832 for gasoline this year, the highest ever.

    Knowing the simple fact that motorcycles, mo-peds, and scooters help save costs has definitely been beneficial to these transportation mobiles industries. Scooter dealers and companies have accepted the rise in business and say it’s simply because people are taking the initiative to save. When the driver becomes familiar with the mobile they wonder why they hadn’t ever tried it before the gas prices FORCED them into changing their method of transportation. “Scooters get about 60 to 80 miles per gallon. Most scooters can be driven on secondary roads, and the larger ones can actually be driven on the highway,”. Find out more about California Gas Prices: Here

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